Featured Minnesota Resource: LakeFinder by the MNDNR

Featured Minnesota Resource: LakeFinder | Bendare Outdoors

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It's hard to pick just one, but the LakeFinder tool by the MNDNR is one of my favorite resources!

LakeFinder has information on over 4,500 lakes and rivers in Minnesota. Search by name, map, find near me, and favorites. Information includes fish species, lake surveys, lake access, depth maps, fish stocking reports, special regulations, ice in/out dates, fish consumption guidelines, and more.

BENDARE PRO TIP: The desktop version is best (even on mobile) because there are more features.

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Resource Highlights:
  1. Fisheries Lake Survey and Status of Fishery: Survey charts include the number of fish sampled, organized by size, and a detailed write-up of the latest status of the fishery. Use this information to get the best idea of the fish species in the lake. Note: The fish species list on the lake profile's main landing page includes all historic fish and may not represent the current state of the fishery.
  2. Fish Stocking Reports: The total size, number, pounds, and species stocked over the last 10 years.
  3. Depth Maps: View depth contours on the state-wide interactive map when available, or on the PDF versions within the lake profiles.
  4. Special Regulations, Invasives, and Notes: Lake profiles include special fishing regulations when applicable, a list of invasive species to be aware of on the selected water body, and any special notes like road construction or lake access updates.
  5. Interactive Map: Use this tool on full-screen mode to easily search areas of interest (e.g. the route on your next Boundary Waters trip). Click on water bodies for the full profile.

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