Bendare Pro Tip: Camping with Tarp Inside the Tent

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Fall is one of the best times to get out camping and enjoy Minnesota's countless adventures like fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, boating, BWCA trips, and more. Nothing compares to a warm autumn day, taking in the vibrant colors and rich smells with little to no bugs. But you need to be ready for those cooler, wet days that are also inevitable.

BENDARE PRO TIP: Tent camping with tarp inside! Keep yourself and the inside of your tent dry by placing a tarp inside the tent. You can even have the inside tarp up along the walls a little for added protection.

A lightweight tent footprint or tarp, placed between the tent and the ground, can also be used to protect the tent from damage and provide added insulation. But by having a tarp inside, you will no longer need to worry about water finding its way between your ground protection and the bottom of your tent, one of the main causes of water-related tent issues. Using both methods at the same time is recommended for maximum protection.

A dry camper is a happy camper!

Below you will find some helpful resources for getting out camping this fall season.

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