Bendare Pro Tip: Real-Time Road Conditions Using the Traffic Layer

Real-Time Road Conditions by Bendare Outdoors

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Use Google Maps or MN 511 with the "traffic speed" layer turned on and you will be able to use it to view real-time road conditions in great detail!

The traffic layer shows colors representing the speed of traffic compared to normal conditions. This not only gives you the current state of traffic, it also gives you a real-time idea of the current road conditions because the average speed varies based on the condition of the roadway. The closer you zoom in, the more detail you will get. This gives you a better idea of the current situation compared to the broad descriptions of "partially" or "completely" snow-covered designations.

Real-Time Road Condition Resources
  1. Google Maps (Google)
  2. MN 511 (MNDot)

BENDARE PRO TIP: Find a safer route during a severe winter storm by sticking to the roads that have a "traffic speed" layer colored green. The "green" indicates that the vechicles are moving at normal speeds. This could be due to the road being flat and/or straight rather than hilly and/or curved, being plowed recently, or not getting hit by the worst of the storm.

How it works:

Real-time data is collected by sensors and anonymous smartphone users on the roadways. This data is compared to the average speed of the vehicles during normal conditions and then colors the road accordingly. Green=good, Orange=not ideal, Red=bad. If the road isn't colored green, orange, or red, then the system doesn't have enough data at that moment to predict a current level.

Real-Time Road Conditions using traffic layer

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