Featured Minnesota Resource: Snowfall Reports

Minnesota Snowfall Reports by Bendare Outdoors

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How much snow did we get, eh? Find out how much we received during a recent or past storm and view a current snow depth map using these helpful snowfall resources.

Helpful Snowfall Resources
  1. Snowfall Reports (CoCoRaHS)
  2. Snow Depth Map (NOAA)

Want to help?

Sign-up as a volunteer observer and become part the growing CoCoRaHS network. You can also report your snowfall totals to your local National Weather Service office (include the date, time, location, and a photo of a ruler in the snow if possible).

BENDARE PRO TIP: How to measure snow: Find level ground and avoid areas with drifts. If that isn’t possible, find a few locations that are away from the largest drifts and take the average depth. Do not take measurements where the area is covered by trees or other obstacles. Record your measurements to the nearest tenth of an inch.

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